Academic Recovery Plan

    This is an opportunity to adjust your academic strategy and make a plan to improve your chances for success. There are both academic and financial aid implications for students who do not achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    To improve my success at Herkimer College, I will:

    *Attend and complete all my classes with passing grades this semester.
    *Contact my academic instructors early in the semester to establish and maintain lines of communication.
    *Obtain approval from the Advisement Center for any change to my schedule in an effort to protect my academic progress.
    *Become familiar with the services the Academic Support Center (ASC) offers (including tutoring options, test-taking or note-taking assistance, study strategies, time and task management, and/or organizational tactics).
    *Use the online tools available to me through the portal regularly (Starfish, Generals Online, Degree Works, Student Online Services, Herkimer College email).
    *Take advantage of other services offered to help bolster my success to include but not limited to: Advisement Center, Counseling Center, Center for Student Leadership and Involvement, and/or the Residence Life Office, Internet Academy and the Student Help Desk.
    *Attend mandatory meetings during the semester that may be required (Online-only students may be required to complete online modules).
    *Ensure that my College bill is settled on or by the due date required. If necessary, I will work with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that all documents are provided to process financial aid.
    *Other actions I plan to take to reach my academic goals (not listed above).
    By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I will devote the time and effort to improving my academic performance in the spring semester. Please return this form to the Advisement Center no later than Monday, January 18th, 2022.