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    Commit 2 Complete Pledge

    Fall 2021 Herkimer College Commit 2 Complete Program Pledge

    This program encourages and promotes on-campus, residential full-time students to complete their associate degrees in two years or less. This is accomplished through individualized attention and a support network of built-in programming for this cohort of students.
    Students accepted into the program will receive a total of $1000 that will be applied directly to their housing charges. $500 will be applied for the first semester, and if students remain in good standing and adhere to all the stipulations within this pledge, an additional $500 will be applied to housing their last semester prior to graduation. Participants will receive academic counseling, career guidance, and a network of wrap-around support programs that must be utilized by students when requested by staff.

    To qualify, students must:
    • Be accepted as a fall-start student into an associate degree program
    • Be an on-campus student who lives in on-campus residential housing throughout program
    • Enroll in 16 credits the first semester at Herkimer (5 courses plus first-year seminar course)
    • Register for classes, submit housing contract and deposit, and submit pledge by deadline
    As a member of the Commit 2 Complete program, I agree to: 
    • Attend orientation
    • Meet with the Commit 2 Complete advisor once a month to track academic progress
    • Develop a success plan with advisor
    • Participate in tutoring at the request of advisor
    • Attend transfer/career planning sessions and other student success events each semester
    • Review any early alerts and respond to outreach in a timely manner
    • Maintain good academic standing (2.0 cumulative gpa)
    • Register for classes early each semester
    • Enroll in at least 15 credit hours each semester moving forward unless approved by advisor
    • Contact advisor before changing course schedule or degree program
    • Remain enrolled in an associate degree program and meet the academic requirements needed to graduate in two years
    • Remain as an on-campus student who lives in on-campus residential housing
    • Fulfill any requests made by advisor or staff to ensure success in this program
    • Exceptions to any requirement(s) within this program must be approved by advisor
    As the provider of the Commit 2 Complete program, Herkimer College agrees to:
    • Respond in a timely manner to any questions you may have
    • Provide academic support as needed and when requested
    • Let you know about relevant seminars and workshops
    • Contact you if you are identified by an academic alert system
    • Be engaging and supportive in order to help you reach your personal and academic goals

    I understand: That if I'm accepted into this program and do not fulfill the obligations above, I may not be eligible to remain as a member of the Commit 2 Complete program.

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    Permanent Address